I am interested in how our perceptions are shaped by our innate affinity for patterns. We rely constantly on patterns and ideas developed over time that encode our understanding of the complex reality around us. But these patterns can also work against us, acting as preconceived notions that fence us in. Because of my background in physics, I tend to look for patterns everywhere, and I view them both as tools and as tethers, embodying the intimate connection between seeing and thinking.

In my work, I use geometric patterns to assemble visions of the world. I typically begin with digital photographic prints on paper, which I fold into three-dimensional structures, or embellish with drawings and embroidery, or layer into a collage. Through these manipulations, I recast my prints as image-based sculptures or as digitally-informed drawings, which can be seen as interpretations of their underlying images, just as my scientific findings are elaborations of nature itself.


I was raised in North Haven, CT, and I live and work in Ithaca, NY. After obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, I became a research associate at the Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, where I am currently the IT Director. Throughout my life, science and the arts have been dual and complementary passions. My artwork has been exhibited in numerous venues in the Finger Lakes region and beyond. Apart from scientific journals, my writing and artwork have appeared in Stone CanoeLunch Ticket, and Caldaria. I have previously served on the boards of The Upstairs Gallery and the Light in Winter Festival of Science and the Arts, and I am currently on the board of the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts.